The Power of Vision
August 2, 2007, 10:17 pm
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Vision is a powerful thing!  Many people who have been successful and achieved great things were people who had a vision for something that needed to be done.  Abraham caught a vision of how God wanted to use him to be the father of many nations; Isaiah caught a vision of God in worship that changed his life and ministry; Peter was given a vision about how God was accepting non-Jewish people  into His spiritual family; and Paul received a vision that accelerated his evangelistic efforts in Europe.    

  • What is vision?  Vision is often defined as having “a mental picture of the future.”  Those with vision know where they’re going!  It is vision that brings motivation, inspiration, strength, boldness, and clarity to the task.  The Bible says, “Without a vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18).”  Vision is what helps people stay focused on the mission. We realize that vision is extremely important in a new church plant.  We believe that vision is what drives our effort, our passions, our commitment, and our strategies.  We want to make sure that we are clear about the direction and style of the new work that God has put upon our hearts.  

Our vision is to create an environment that is casual and friendly, with worship that is modern and uses culturally-relevant music, Biblical-teaching from the scriptures that relates to everyday life, and a dominant focus on life-change.  That’s it.  Pretty simple, huh.  We especially want to create environments where people who have never been to church, or those who have not been to church in a long time, can feel comfortable coming and learning more about God.  We want to create environments that build a sense of community and belonging.  And most important, environments that will produce contagious followers of Jesus Christ!   This is what we want to be all about!

We believe that it is Jesus who brings life, forgiveness, healing, peace, and hope to our lives.  We believe Jesus is the ANSWER for this generation!  We believe that many in our community do want to know God, but do not like “church”.  Our desire is to provide an “irresistible” setting where many will feel comfortable coming and want to stay.  We believe Jesus is the One who can bring real life-change and prepare us for eternity.  

We are excited about Journey Church and the vision that is propelling us to reach our community for Jesus Christ!  If you share this same vision for Christ’s Church in today’s world stop by and check us out.

With Passion,

Dave, Lead Pastor


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